15% less

In 2020, Dutch women still received 15% less salary than men.  This didn’t only seem almost impossible to believe; the majority of Dutch CEO’s and HR managers indeed didn’t believe it - and thus also didn’t feel inclined to do something about it.  To make them part of the solution, rather than the problem, we made a social campaign specifically targeted at employers. This campaign emphasizes how bizarre a wage gap really is. Online videos and GIFs show women in work-related settings getting 15% less coffee, 15% less lunch, 15% less working material or even 15% less presentation time. It’s all as ridiculous as receiving 15% less money for the same job.

Update: In 2021, the wage gap had lowered to 14%. To point out the fact that this is still absurd, some assets were updated, to be campaigned with once more.
Realised at KesselsKramer
Women Inc.
Designer/Art Director: Stephanie Lüscher
Copywriter: Sophie Rijnaard
Creative Director: Krista Rozema, Rens de Jonge
Director: FromForm