Travelling on your own – whether you’re by car, train, boat or plane – tends to be rather boring, but in the company of a book most trips can’t last long enough. That’s why this years’ Kinderboekenweek was given the theme ‘Travel along’ and was dedicated to all forms of travel.

To create a strong visual link between reading and travelling, the central icon of the campaign became a massive book on wheels. The campaign led the book all around the Netherlands: on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam, in a carrier cycle up North and with an NS train down South – or East, or upwards for all it matters! Books can take you anywhere, so off we go, to the library and beyond!

Realised at KesselsKramer, 2019

Client: Kinderboekenweek (CPNB)
Creative Direction: Gijs van den Berg
Copy: Sophie Rijnaard
Illustration: Sue Doeksen
Photography: Eva Roef


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