A nod to the nozzle

Your tires are likely to be the most ignored part of your car. And that’s a shame because pumping up your tires regularly can help you save money, drive safer and spare the environment. That’s why the Dutch government felt it was time to step up its car game, not by pushing the speed limit, but by drawing attention to the air pump next to most gas stations.

In order to convince Dutch car owners to pump up their tires more often, I transformed the nozzle of the air pump – a not so well-known object among Dutch car owners – into the star of an informative campaign, “Geef je banden lucht’. The campaign makes the nozzle great again, while also improving Dutch sustainability levels, driving safety and the drivers’ wallets.

Realised at KesselsKramer
Designer/Art Director: Stephanie Lüscher
Copywriter: Sophie Rijnaard
Creative Director: Gijs van den Berg
Photography: Pim Top