Design for people

citizenM, a disruptor in the hotel industry, emerged in 2006 at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Expanding to iconic cities like Paris, London, New York, Copenhagen, Zurich, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai, citizenM caters to global travelers who traverse continents effortlessly. Their innovative design philosophy is at the heart of their legendary identity and communication. I've been tasked with creating a digital brand experience to showcase their design philosophy, targeting prospective citizenM employees and design enthusiasts.

Client: CitizenM
Created at: KesselsKramer Digital
Art Director/Designer: Stephanie Lüscher, Adam Morton-Delaney
Creative Director: Merijn Straathof, Alessandro Carosso
Coding: Cas Le Rooij
Illustrations: Haikoo Studio