Concept, Art Direction

Greetings from
a flat country

In 2017 I left the Swiss mountains for a country in which the highest mountains are the speed bumps on the road. Every now and then my parents send me a typical postcard of the mountains back home.

Every breakfast, lunch and dinner I’d sit and the postcards having over my dinning table stare back at me. That’s when it came to me. As an answer to the lush slopes on the postcards sent by my parents, I decided to create my own alpinist postcards from the low lands. Because where the Netherlands has no scenery at high altitude, it does have many typical foods only the Dutch seem to enjoy, and no one else.

Greetings from a flat country is a mountain range which shows the summits of Dutch cuisine. Nothing monumental or grandiose, just the simplest reflection of my new culture, food.

Private Project
Art Direction: Stephanie Lüsche
Photography: Pim Top
Press: It’s Nice That