Stormvloed (Stormflood) is an organizational consultancy that focuses on major social themes such as energy transition, housing shortage, and infrastructure maintenance backlog. With a team of young and energetic advisors, Stormvloed aims to drive projects towards becoming strong and manageable organizations The consultancy believes in harnessing the power of young advisors who are bursting with energy and empowers them to push projects to new heights.

The concept of Stormvloed's visual identity is inspired by the upward trajectory of a storm flood, symbolizing the consultancy's commitment to raising the bar in the market. This recognizable and simple visual element represents how Stormvloed takes charge, driving quality and fostering the growth of talents. The visual identity embodies both energy and simplicity, creating a powerful and appealing combination.

Client: Stormvloed
Made at: KesselsKramer Digital
Art Director/Designer: Stephanie Lüscher, Roland Cos
Creative Director Merijn Straathof