Summer of Brothers&Sisters

Venus & Serena, William & Harry and Beyoncé & Solange all star in ARTE’s ‘Summer of Brothers & Sisters’. Brothers and sisters are often portrayed in a harmonious manner. But we all know the reality is different. How can we create a campaign that promotes the programming theme, while staying true to what actually goes down within the family sphere? In the campaign we see young kids jump from innocence to guilt in the blink of an eye. To trigger a sense of childhood nostalgia we captured all visuals through analog photography and a camcorder. The warm, messy home video-aesthetic takes you back to simpler times at your family home, but mostly: to that one sibling who always got under your skin.

Client: Arte TV
Made at: KesselsKramer
Designer/Art Director: Stephanie Lüscher
Creative Director: Maartje Slijpens, Gijs van den Berg
Copywriter: Brenda Waegemaekers
Photography/Film: Daniel Gebhart